Cuộc Sống

Talk 2 My Heart

I just finished the book “The Alchemist” and I want to learn talking to my heart too.


Me: Dear heart, what can I do to make you happy?

<3: I don’t want to come to work in the morning anymore.

Me: So what do you want me to do instead?

<3: Quit this job, and start something on your own.

Me: What exactly do you like to do?

<3: I want to travel to new lands, meeting and talking to new people; reading whenever I want, painting, taste great food. Anything pretty would attract me. I feel happy whenever I can talk and share my feelings to other people. I want to listen to their stories too. yeahh

Me: Oh damn you, who doesn’t want it.

<3: I want to work hard, but I don’t want to work for the current company anymore. I am sure I will miss Andrew, people and clients here so much. I don’t say I love them, but I do.

Me: Oh so tell me if you don’t work for WAA anymore, how do you survive to do your interest.

<3: There must be a way for us to survive to do what we like as long as we work hard, don’t you think. I am strong and I can do whatever. I am hardworking too. I am willing to get my hand dirty as long as I can do what I like.

Me: To be honest, I don’t understand what you are talking about. I heard people said I should chose one career, stick with it and then I will be successful. I will have high standard life if I keep climbing the so-called “ladder”. And that will make you happy.

<3: 😦

Me: Why are you sad?

<3: You wanted to make me happy but you never asked me what I want.

Me: oh, I am sorry. I am learning to understand your language. Let’s try again.

<3: 🙂


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