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Week 18 /2017

It’s been busy, productive and fresh week for me. Guys, let me show off my week haha. Good to have something to show off, don’t ya agree?

  1. The Couch-surfer  I picked up last week came back to Sydney and asked to hang out with me. It’s been a long time since I open myself to a newbie. It was hard. I didn’t know what I should talk about to break the ice. Though I made it and had a good time sharing my travelling experience. Yayyy 😀
  2. I have practised Mono-task and mind-therapy since Monday. Mind-therapy could be anything that shoots your mind, makes it calm and eventually you feel ease. It’s exactly the same feelings  after you have a body massage. For me, I like painting, drawing and colouring. It works perfectly well. I know meditation is good and even magical effect but it is not easy to apply for me at this stage so I give myself sometimes to practise. Highly recommend Mono-task and mind-therapy to those who have “mind-butterfly” like me 😛
  3. Helped my friend to move. On the way back home, I drove 20 klm further (because I got lost) while my petrol tank were running super low. Whispering in the air “Who knows it will lead me to meet a hot NRMA mechanic by chance =))” … Damn, I arrived home fine.
  4. Awkward is when I turned air-plane mode on and 8 hours later I turned it off and thought “ah, maybe there will be quite a few messages, missed calls, facebook notifications, intagram hearts, pinterest messages but it turned out “nothing at all”, nothing, hahaha – Tear dropped laughing. Should get more awkward moments, it’s helpful, at least I got my WIP smashed =))
  5. Found quite a few stories about inspiring people/influencers this week. Love it so much. I want to write notes and make a collection of their bio and stories. Yeah, have a reason to spend money on Moleskine tomorrow lol.
  6. Stopped reading self-improvement books this week. It surely helped to calm the waves of storm in my head. I allowed myself a moment to think it’s ok I am good enough. Almost finish the Alchemist though (lmao) Nice! certainly it’s high rated for reasons.
  7. Attended my friend’s graduation and had good laughters and warm reunion with old friends.
  8. Dream –  I had a few moments (perhaps longer than moment but hour) to work on my dream. Wasn’t sure if it was my dream but surely I know I worked. They say if you are not sure, just do it.
  9. I contacted a well-known lacquerware home decor product supplier in Vietnam a month ago and today they replied me (Y)
  10. Got inspired by Julia Doan and want to spend some time and money in Shu Uemura =)) Also I want new dresses, new make up style and colour my hair. Yet, If I colour my hair, I hate the fact that my hair will have so much split-end and get super dry. YOLO or HEATHY?
  11. Above all, I need to finish my freelance tasks tomorrow!!! Follow by gardening and cleaning job ;__:

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